Making the Residency a Reality: Tara Cooper & Terry O’Neill

Free to attend, donations appreciated.

With over a dozen residencies under their belts, Tara & Terry will share what they have learned. Tara highlights three things that she loves the most:

#3: Travel. “You find yourself in places that you would have never thought to visit.”

#2: People. “I’m not that into networking, but residencies make it easy. It’s more about hanging out with all of your new friends.”

#1: Magic. “They really can seem magical – a perfect microcosm of creative activities that make you feel lucky to be alive. It’s a real hothouse. You get exposed to tons of new stuff and can get a lot accomplished in a very short time.”

About the artists:

Terry O’Neill and Tara Cooper are local artists with a flair for storytelling, who are professionally connected to University of Waterloo and CBC. Their public artwork, Tall Tales of Mill Street, will be displayed at Mill Station as part of the ION project.