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Shake-n-Make and Kristiina Lahde

January 10, 2019 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


The University of Waterloo Art Gallery hosts two new exhibitions, one by queer art collective Shake-n-Make, which specializes in the mash-up of art and craft, and another by Toronto artist Kristiina Lahde, who uses elegant conceptual systems to make sculptural constructions, collages and photographs.


Artist: Shake-n-Make Collective (Claudia B. Manley and Liss Platt)
Exhibition: Once More, With Feeling

Linked by the use of modular design and labour-intensive production Once More, With Feeling brings together several large sculptural installations, including The Table Has Been Set, Domestic Brew, and The Hand of Craft. These works use scale, repetition, and a willful sense of playfulness to challenge our assumptions around handicrafts while questioning what is appropriate as an art material. Shake-n-Make mine this tension between the domestic (the primary site of crafting) and the public (the world outside the home) to muddy the divide between high and low art and to question the values we place upon cultural production as labour.


Artist: Kristiina Lahde
Exhibition: Extraordinary Measures

Kristiina Lahde refigures common measuring devices, removing their function and suspending the ability to demarcate linear units of measure. By breaking these empirical conventions, the artist invites us to imagine data, space, and distance differently.

  • In Extraordinary Measures, she turns her attention to tools for measurement by systematically reformatting a series of readymade measuring devices.
  • From a Straight Line to a Curve features a collection of vintage yard sticks that have been bolted together to form a large geodesic sphere.
  • Greater than, Less than uses cloth measuring tapes that have been spliced then nailed to the wall in a series of chevrons: one half held taught while the other surrenders to gravity.
  • A Sequence of Lines and Links conjoins hundreds of steel rulers in a net-like construction that drapes and buckles under its own weight.
  • From point A to point B features a series of wood rulers that have been precisely cut then reassembled in stepped patterns.


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